Funny Farm Raises the Bar on Bar Bites

Bar food is an oft-overlooked part of the foodie world. Pub bites are frequently deemed unsophisticated and unworthy of critique. It’s true, a run-of-the-mill plate of loaded potato skins or fried mozzarella sticks isn’t so much culinary masterpiece as it is a crude means to bringing down one’s blood alcohol content.

Still, a new San Jose establishment, Funny Farm, is trying to elevate bar food by serving up eats that are actually palatable—even to the designated driver.

Located inside the Sideline Sports Bar at the Santa Teresa Village Shopping Center, the Funny Farm has found a perfect home. This dimly lit dive bar draws plenty of thirsty locals—even on a Monday afternoon. Their menu strays toward prototypical American diner, but with fun and inventive twists. The man behind the madness is chef Ron Levi, who probably didn’t listen much to his mother when she told him to stop playing with his food.

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