Forks & Knives: Funny Farm Expands

When I first checked out Chef Ron Levi’s Funny Farm last May, I was impressed with his elevated bar bites and playful takes on classic comfort food. But I was more than a bit puzzled by the location—inside the Sideline Sports Bar off Santa Teresa Boulevard in South San Jose.

While the marriage of comfort food and alcohol is easy enough to get behind, dining in a dimly lit dive bar is not everyone’s scene. So those who enjoyed Funny Farm’s menu but shared my view on their original digs, should rejoice in the opening of their second location—on Stevens Creek Boulevard, about a half-mile west of Valley Fair Mall.

Here customers can get that same “crazy good” food in a more genteel setting. The new Funny Farm features table service and an elevated aesthetic. Goodbye red plastic baskets; hello clean, white plates and thoughtful plating.

But don’t raise those pinky fingers just yet. Funny Farm isn’t posturing as haute cuisine. Just one look at the playful décor—designed by Chef Levi’s wife Monica—drives this point home. The interior features multi-colored, furry stripper poles, rubber chickens and a wall covered in Batman-esque comic book onomatopoeic words, such as chomp, zonk and pow.

The new location is in its soft opening phase, as they are still working on their liquor license. Fans can expect an expanded menu to be unrolled in the weeks and months to come, but all the original favorites are still here. Their deep-fried, chimichanga-like Monte Cristo is a favorite, but I personally can’t get enough of their amazing poutine fries, which come with actual cheese curds. They even have poutine variations topped with buffalo chicken, short rib meat or a bacon cheeseburger crumble for those looking for a complete meal in a bowl.