This place is great, hidden inside of a dive bar.  GREAT upscale bar food.

    thumb M G.

      This place is a great place to have a good burger. You can sense the passion of the works especially the chef! You can also taste that passion in their food. Amazing place!
    Keep up the great work.

    Ryan putting in the hard work. Always glad to see him working and making some good food!

    thumb Andy T.

      The place is located in a dive bar and well worth it! The food was as good as Ryan's service! Definitely coming back!

    thumb Hannan Z.

      The sliders were super good. Really well seared with a tasty crust. The service was really good too

    thumb Olivia G.

      The Impossible Burger was very good but not the nasty processed American cheese.  The young guy taking orders was really awesome and super friendly, the rest of the staff and the customers were jerks. This is a sports bar not really a restaurant, the funny farm is sort of annexed into the back corner. It was noisy, chaotic, overall a poor experience, I couldn't wait to finish and get out of there.

    Update after owners response: I don't think I met him there, judging from the balanced tone of his response I'd have to say he sounds pretty cool and can by excluded form the jerk-list mentioned before 😉   So in the new digs he mentioned and with real cheddar cheese, I'd definitely go back.  

    I wanted to bump the rating up a star but didn't like the current setting, maybe that's not fair since it's clearly a sports bar, but I yelped for a well rated burger restaurant, drove a ways to get there, and that's just not what it is, that's all I wanted to get across...  If you like sports bars, darts and burgers, this may be perfect for you!

    And another shout out that that guy taking orders, absolute awesome attitude!

    thumb Todd S.

      My friend and I had just finished a workout and we were so hungry.  Found the Funny Farm on Yelp and the pictures of their food looked amazing.  It's located in a bar which was a little bit confusing at first but the food indeed very very delicious.  We were served by Ryan who was super friendly and apparently trains people in the kitchen to make their bomb burgers so kudos to him!  We will be back.

    thumb Melissa P.

      Ordered the loaded tots, the VC burger,and my lady had the barnyard; everything turned out great! Shoutout to Ryan, our host, for helping us pick our burgers, you honestly can't go wrong with any of them.

    thumb Jason D.

      Had a great time coming here on a date night with my wife, the improv skills of the people up there were amazing and once the crowd got comfortable the clues got even harder. Very funny wont disappoint.

    thumb Shane R.

      This is definitely a hidden gem in South San Jose, and incredibly well hidden at that. It doesn't really have much signage, but it's located inside a bar, so I suspect you have to be 21 to get inside in the first place. The front door was open and it was karaoke night at the bar so it was pretty loud and smelled of cigarettes from outside.

    This is the second time I've had food from the Funny Farm, but first time going myself since the first time I just had it delivered. The food itself is really good. I've had the poutine, loaded tots, the cowabunga sticks, the cowboy burger, and the fried chicken BLT. I recommend all of them.

    thumb Masaya K.