The Funny Farm. What should I say about this place? I've been here way too many times, for one! I was introduced to this restaurant-in-a-bar about two years ago by someone who works nearby, and have been coming back ever since. A father-son team runs it, and they are both so friendly, interested in the quality of their food, and excited about creating new dishes. I've never experienced chefs/owners who are so involved with customers! It's really what keeps me coming back. Well, that and the food. Drumroll, please.....

    The Cowboy Burger: Angus beef patty (1/3lb) topped with an onion ring (the center of which is filled with pulled pork) on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. Oh, and the funny farm sauce, of course. It's rare that a burger can be this 'busy' and still showcase each ingredient, but this burger pulls it off nicely. The burger is juicy and flavorful, the onion ring crispy and the pulled pork is just. so. good. If you were to ask me what item on the Funny Farm menu encompasses the vibes of the establishment most closely, I'd choose this.

    The Monte Cristo: I was a bit wary of ordering this for a while, but after I saw it pass my table a few times I had to give in and try it. The drooling was getting embarrassing. This is the most interesting 'burrito' I've ever had. The Monte Cristo is usually prepared as a sandwich, but as you'll learn, the Funny Farm does things a bit different. Turkey, Black Forest ham, bacon, and Swiss cheese wrapped in a tortilla. And as if that's not enough, they then give it the ol' deep fry. No, I couldn't finish it. Yes, I tried.

    Fried Chicken BLT: Just order it, already. Fried chicken tenders, bacon, ranch, tomatoes, lettuce and two types of cheese! How could you not? I've ordered this more than I care to admit, but it's just so good! The chicken tenders are crispy and juicy and the ranch is already in there so there's none of that pesky dipping business involved. And then it's also a blt? And a burrito-like food? The more I think about this menu item the more genius I think the menu is (and the people who created it).

    The City Slicker: Featuring their 1/3 patty, this sandwich is on possibly the most yummy Parmesan sourdough bread imaginable. Oh, and there's Swiss cheese inside the sandwich too, along with tomato, lettuce, red onion and pickles. It's finished off with some funny farm sauce and brought out all warm and melty and delicious.

    The Barnyard: Oh My. I saw it on the menu and I ordered it on a whim because I thought the Cowboy burger would have prepared me for it well enough. I was incorrect. This burger... If I miss anything that was in there I apologize profusely, but this is what I remember from that fateful day: the regular lettuce tomato pickle combo, a juicy funny farm hamburger patty, a large piece of fried chicken, an onion ring filled in the middle with short rib meat, a gooey egg, and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun. It's the single greatest feat of burger engineering I've seen in my admittedly short time on this earth, and it put me down. In a good way. Once I figured out how to get everything on the burger in one bite (it was actually two bites chewed simultaneously cause, come on, who can fit that in their mouth?) I made surprisingly quick work of it. I've never been so proud to finish anything.

    I think it's safe to say that I absolutely love The Funny Farm. They're all about food. And their customers. And they do both things so fantastically. Im so excited to see them doing well and super stoked that they're opening up a new location near my house. It's going to be dangerous for my waistline.

    Stop in to the funny farm located inside sideline's for the best food, a relaxed environment, and a full belly.

    thumb Kristin R.

      Shady eats inside a shady bar = A good fuckin time.

    Come hungry and expect to destroy your stomach and heart.

    Might help to be drunk and or high to fully grasp the concept of the food made here, but you can enjoy sober, easily. Can't say much other than choke that chicken for service and feel free to replace the fries with your burger with onion rings.

    thumb Jarek A.

      Incredible Burger selection, incredible taste! Very nicely done, and keep up the great work Brandon!! See ya again soon!!

    thumb Brent P.

      For a foodie with a toddler: probably not for you. The "restaurant" is basically a few tables alongside pool tables by the bar with loud music. Perfectly fine depending on your expectations, but the food was fairly mediocre. Didn't get any drinks, so can't rate the drinks, but the bacon burger poutine was lukewarm and fries were unevenly cooked. The farm burger was thin, the bun wasn't great, and the "sauce" was barely there (and not great). Also not that cheap at $24 for the food. Don't be fooled by the promise of gravy smothered fries sprinkled with bacon and burger as this is definitely just a bar-best find a dedicated burger place if thats what you're craving!

    Edit: there's also a room with tables separate from the bar area! Walk to the back of the bar to order. There is a picture of it in the photos area.

    thumb Daffodil L.

      First off, this is just a little restaurant in the back corner of a local bar.  So if you are looking for fine dining, don't even bother.  But for pick up or some beers out with friends, this place is certainly a hidden Gem in the South San Jose/Santa Teresa area!  I was in the mood for something new, both near home but also on my way home from work, and this place hit the spot!  You can even order right off their website for pick-up "now" or "later", which is great for me since I can setup an order in the afternoon and pick it up on my way home.  Anyway, as far as food is concerned, I was extremely satisfied!  I picked-up mostly appetizers, but I can say with confidence that they definitely know how to properly fry things here. I picked up some buffalo wings, chicken strips, onion rings, and a Burgereeto to share with my other half waiting back at home.  Even a after the 10 minute drive, EVERYTHING was still crispy outside and tender inside!  Not at all greasy either, which was quite surprising.  The burgereeto was also quite tasty, it had a very good balance of ingredients and condiments.

    As for service, the guy at the counter is super chill and friendly, and my food was ready right on time.
    Food quality: A+
    Service: A+
    Environment: Yup, it's in a bar, with pool tables and dart machines.

    I look forward to grubbin' here again for sure!

    thumb Eric M.

      Yaaass!!! The food is bomb!!! We were looking for some grub food and we found it!!! My only complaint was that it was hard to find because it's inside of a bar named something else. However!! That bar was very chill and laid back and made me able to feel that I could bring my children inside without a problem. Ok back to the food. We had chicken wings/ a huge hamburger/ the loaded tator tots/ chicken strips/ mozzarella strips/ and the trip tip sandwich and alllll were bomb!!!! We wish we lived closer cause we would be here alll the time! We told so many people about it while we were in San Jose though! I hear they are trying to get their own sit down restaurant and I'm sure it will be amazing!!!! Thanks for making one of our meals bomb!!!

    thumb Tamara T.

      Food is amazing, but the atmosphere is meh (given it's in a bar). But still, even though it's hard to find, I would recommend it given how delicious the food was.

    thumb Dexter A.

      We had some amazing burgers at the Funny Farm tonight. I didn't know this place existed until my husband found it doing a search here on Yelp. We were craving a great hand crafted burger and that is exactly what we got. I had the Truffle Shuffle and my husband had The Cowboy. These burgers were served on the perfectly toasted, delicious brioche buns. The Truffle Shuffle was loaded with sautéed mushrooms, real bacon pieces instead of traditional bacon strips and Swiss cheese. I added onion because every burger I eat must have onion on it. The Cowboy comes with chopped, pulled pork rib meat stuffed into an onion ring on top of the burger. Our burgers came with steak fries also cooked to perfection and the food was piping hot. There are so many different burgers and sandwiches on the menu and we can't wait to go back to try more. We want to thank Britteny for such great service. She was kind, professional, checked to see how our food was and took the time to answer all our questions that we had. We will definitely be back!

    thumb Bernie L.

      Best burger ever! Might be worth a drive back from Fresno!!! Great service and fun chicken to squeeze when u are ready to order!!

    thumb Aimee E.