I ordered their chicken wings since people seem to like them a lot. I called in my order for 12 pieces, half garlicky, half lemon pepper. They said it would be $12 even though the menu online was a bit more. Ready in 15 minutes. Cool! And, there's a check-in deal too! Came out to under $11!

    Got to the bar and went in and straight to the back. No one at the door to check ID. Hmm, interesting.  Anyway, saw the Funny Farm sign and made my way there to pick up my order. Got it home and was excited to try it.

    So...first couple of wings didn't taste anything like garlic or lemon pepper. I think it was kinda Cajun? It was salty, and the chicken didn't taste fresh. It was pretty gross to me. Third one, lemon pepper. All right! That was good and tasted fresh too. Finally got a garlic one. Again, pretty good. So, I started thinking, did they throw in some old chicken just to get rid of it? It's a to go order, so you don't know what you're getting til you get home.

    I'm glad I tried their wings. I'm always looking for good wing stops (no pun intended). However, I won't be coming back for more. It's not bad, but with the quality being inconsistent, I won't take my chances. For dive bar food, though, this is probably the best I've had.

    thumb Marlette C.

      We ordered the Impossible Burger, DELICIOUS!!  Ryan took our order, brought to table and rechecked to see how we were doing. Great service!!!!

    thumb Paula B.

      Amazing food! Amazing service! Monica & Chef Ron are always so welcoming, wonderful to talk to & always happy to see us!! Not only is the food delicious, the customer service is excellent! My mission is to try every single thing on their menu!! Chef Ron even customizes your order to how you want it, amaaaaaazing!! I mean come on now how many times have you gone out to eat and want something changed and they give you a disgusted look and brutally say no, well they don't do that here, they want their people to be happy & well fed!! One more thing, he is so clean and hygienic, your can see how they cook in the back & he is definitely a perfectionist! I love that!!!

    thumb Raminder C.

      Wow just wow I finally saw that my favorite streamer UDCM aka Ryan worked here and just had to come try out the food and it was amazing! Def need to try this place out!

    thumb Tyler R.

      This by far has to be the best food in the bay area! Best burger I've ever had by far! Super juicy and shout out to Ryan huge help! This place made the right sponsorship!

    thumb Josh J.

      Great burgers, including the veggie burger loved by a non meat eating with us.
    Monica the server was very friendly helping us and the chef came over to check on us.

    thumb J B.

      I live and work in the area and had no idea this place even existed as I know of it as Sideline's bar; however, it appears these folks have set up shop inside it. Not wanting to add my own licks at the dead horse that is their location, I do want to share a life observation. Many of the best eateries I've ever enjoyed happened to be in locations that are never typical. This might be one of them...

    As I begin my adventure in discovering The Funny Farm, I ordered a Philly Burger for my work lunch. The bar was pretty active with about 8-10 patrons at and near the bar, while the 'Farm' had two diners (one of them happened to Yelp their review… ) in the back near their service/reception desk. I walk right up and was greeted by a very bright, welcoming face asking me what I'll have. Service was very quick. It took roughly 6 minutes from when my order was placed to when it was given to me. I ordered take out because I usually eat my lunch at my desk at my office and secondly, this isn't really the ideal place to have lunch unless you're ok with being inside a bar.

    The burger is your typical burger. It wasn't great but it definitely isn't bad. I would rate the burger a 3.5/5. The burger meat was a bit on the saltier end. It had all the Philly cheesesteak fixings inside the burger; provolone cheese, grilled onions, and bell peppers. The fries are good. Freshly cut, perfectly seasoned, and well fried.

    In closing, I'll definitely give them a couple of more tries to see how their other selections fair to my palette. Unfortunately, the Philly burger isn't going to be one I'll order again. 3 stars are for fast, friendly service, and the quality of the food during this visit. I will update accordingly on my subsequent visits.

    thumb Thien T.

      Cowboy burger + Egg + Bacon?? Ho-ly crap. Delicious. Fully loaded tots?? Get out! Amazing.

    Regular burger?? Not so great. Came out dry, could have used mayonnaise. Not a lot of flavor.

    Overall - GREAT food when you really need some gratifying grub. Thanks guys.

    thumb Andrew F.

      This place has great food. Brandon and Ryan are really cool. I really enjoy this place and would definitely recommend.

    thumb Shayna C.