Incredible food and the owners/staff go far above and beyond for their customers.  My entire family loves this place and they are very understanding and sensitive to food allergies which is important to anyone that has to deal with it.   They are also available on door dash which we use often.  Yes, they are in a bar and I highly recommend K's dirty martini while you are waiting.  The bar is well kept and I have no issues, nor does anyone else, with kids here.

    thumb A L.

      Matt and Dave made some killer food and gave great service! Would definitely recommend checking this place out. Come check it out!

    thumb Brandt M.

      Been to both locations, met Ron at the Stevens creek restaurant also, cool cat! We've tried probably about ten items off the menu over time and everything was tasty. We always come back for the strips and buffalo chicken poutine because we are gravy fiends. When you are in the mood for a burger id say they serve some of the juiciest burgers and the sliders are bomb af also. The only items I haven't tried are the melts , we will have to see next time !

    thumb David D.

      Heard about this place from yelp and my boss. SO glad I came ! Small hole in the walls always have thee best food and this is an example of just that !!! Ordered the Louisiana chicken wings, amazing, so much meat on the bones. I'm not a huge fan of dry rubs, but this one was deelicious!! Also got the firebird sandwich, which was delicious as well. Can't wait to come back and try more menu items !!!

    thumb Gabby G.

      I would give more than 5 stars if I could! Was pleasantly surprised by how great the food was. Matt as well as the rest of the staff had amazing customer service. I will definitely come again! 10/10
    Recommend you come with an empty stomach because the burgers are HUGE!

    thumb Walter M.

      This place totally threw me off guard when I entered! Apparently it's connected to a bar, it's not only just a eatery!! Came here for some midday noms and they definitely surprised me in quality!

    My group ordered The Cowboy, Poutine, and the Impossible Burger.
    The Cowboy was came out a little more flat that the actual photo displayed on the menu but it still tasted delicious. The poutine was pretty good, the gravy and soft fries were a nice combination. Although, I've had better poutine before. The impossible burger was also pretty good, you can't even tell that it's vegan! Suprising everything was pretty filling despite the fact that it looked small- portioned.

    The staff were actually pretty hilarious and friendly despite this place being a bar setting. They made sure to assure us that they would answer any questions about the food and were very welcoming. The best part was the squeaky chicken toy that they used as a bell to alert the staff when you are ready to order. Although a staff member was already there to assist our group; he saw the longing look in my eyes and told me to squeak the chicken just for fun.

    Price was pretty affordable, ranged from around $5-$15. Not too bad for midday snacks.

    The kitchen part was a little hard to find since it was all the way in the corner, inside the bar, and it was dark inside. Apparently we could've entered from the back door. There are few tables you can sit at to eat indoors if you wish to do so.

    Overall a hidden gem! Will definitely return if i'm in the mood for some poutine, and maybe will come for some drinks one day! Props to the great staff. This place seems to be a good spot for some drunchies, so give it a try! AND DON'T FORGET ...TO CHOKE THE CHICKEN!!

    thumb Evan D.

      Great meal!  And not just great bar food but great food period!  The Cowboy Burger with stuffed pulled pork onion ring was amazing!  Check this place out and say Hi to Matt.

    thumb Bill C.

      This place is completely a hole-in-the-wall, at the back of a bar. But if you don't care about that, you can shoot some pool after you eat. The burgers are amazing, perfect for a late lunch on a Saturday. We had a blast between the burgers and the games.

    thumb Laurie F.

      Might not be important to most but they have the MAGABurger and the environment felt the same way, so I left.  I just can't support this type of establishment.

    thumb Ruben C.